Strong drinks, low lights, smoked meats, good times.

A neighbourhood cocktail bar and restaurant for Cliftonville, Margate.

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Cocktails & Food

Wednesday 6pm-10pm

Thursday 6pm – 10pm

Friday 5pm – midnight

Saturday 12pm – midnight

Sunday 12pm – 9pm

Food served till 9:00pm Wednesday & Thursday and 10:00pm Friday & Saturday


Saturday 12pm-3pm

Sunday 12pm-3:30pm

Last food orders 20 minutes before kitchen closes.



Champagne Daiquiri (£10.50) 

Done it, guys. Done it. Figured out how to make champagne tastier, somehow. First we

throw the champagne out entirely, recreate the flavour profile with science and combine it with Havana 7 rum. The champagne industry is on the phone. ‘Please,’ it is saying, please stop. You’ve changed the game. We’re on our knees, here’. No. We refuse to stop.

Pandan Express (£11)

Espresso martinis are good, aren’t they, unless you’re ordering one around The Most Tedious Person You Know. This is because The Most Tedious Person You Know (T.M.T.P.Y.K.) is absolutely desperate – desperate – for you to fuck up saying espresso. It’s all they’ve got. It’s the only thing they’ve got. “It’s espresso, not expresso!” Yeah, no, I know. I said espresso. “Guys, guys — say it again! — guys, look: say it. Say expresso.” No. Anyway this is a really, really good one. It tastes like Biscoff and is sublime. But while drinking it, you really should think about why you still hang out with that person. .

A Lychee Story (£10.50)

A Daisy classic: a lychee and Thai basil spritz that hits the same off-dry sweet spot a good Reisling does, but. You know. With way more lychee flavour, obviously. Incredibly thirst-quenching: for the ideal drinking experience, try and order one around sunset. 

Taking The Pistachio (£11)

This drink – a riff on a margarita, where the triple sec is subbed out for a pistachio orgeat, to create a creamy, beachy, incredibly slurpable tequila cocktail – is a bit like Yop!, horchata, pulque and a really big kilogram bag of pistachios had a baby. Mm, I shouldn’t have used this analogy. It’s given me a very troubling mental image 

Ant Acid (£11)

Uh oh: The Most Tedious Person You Know just learned the word petrichor, and now they won’t stop going on about it. “It’s sort of like… the smell of the rain, you know?” Yeah no yeah I know. Yeah it’s earthy, yeah. But also pregnant. Yeah it’s clean but there’s a crackle to the air while the leaves are green and heavy. Yeah no I get it. Anyway: this one is the petrichor cocktail. It has meadowsweet, fig, formic acid and vodka.

Mole Manhattan (£13) 

Tastes sophisticated, like smoking a cigar in a library. Well not that, obviously: it’s a mole liqueur it take us 3 months to concoct, combined with Mexican corn whiskey and agave and Cynar. But it’s very mature, in a way you can’t quite put your finger on: you’re wearing a smoking jacket, you’re reading instead of watching TV, you’re reciting a poem from memory. You have a Masters degree. You’ve finally fucking grown up.  

Melon Baller (£11)

One of the component parts of this cocktail is so pure and wicked that it has to be kept in a glass tincture bottle like a witch might trap a haunted spirit. If you’re really nice and promise to tip well we’ll give you exactly one drop of it to slurp off the back of your hand like a drug. The effect it will have on your person is a bit like the way Popeye’s entire body reacts to spinach.  

Rum The Jewels (£11) 

Have you ever had a Cherry Ripe? It’s an Australian coconut-cherry chocolate bar that you can’t really get over here unless you go to an Aussie-run café (“Hey mate, you want a lamington? Can I get you a goon sack? Hey, do you know who Ben Mendelsohn is? Do you wanna talk about Singapore Airport” No! I just want a flat white!) and pay about £4 for one, and they are nice, but like. £4. Anyway, here’s one in drink form!

Sherry The Hatchet (£12) 

Why were the Famous Five always drinking ginger beer? Actually: why were the Famous Five always overhearing criminals discuss their plans, at length, while hiding inside caves? It was always smugglers the Famous Five went after, as well, wasn’t it. Just decent working men and women trying to make a living. Maybe go after the bankers, yeah? Maybe go after those corrupt PPE contracts! But no, no. The Famous Five are setting their dogs on some smugglers. Fucking cops. Anyway where wa— ah yeah. Tastes like how you imagined ginger beer tasted when you were a kid, but it has mezcal and sherry in it. AFFAB!

Sumac Down (£10.50) 

Here’s a good one: sumac-infused gin with jasmine syrup and soda for something that comes out a little dry, a little sherbert-y, a little juicy, a little bit fruity. You can’t say “a little bit fruity” anymore, can you? Because of woke. But it is 

HVT (£3.50 NA)

Sweet, sharp, crisp. No, we’re not describing a premium coleslaw. It’s a drink. Although: kind of in the mood for coleslaw now. Local honey with a splash of muscatel vinegar, cucumber ribbons and tonic. 

Tequila Con Verdita (£4 / 3 for £10)

Two shots: one a perfect, Whole Foods-style green drink, and then a single measure of good tequila. It’s very ‘Gwyneth Paltrow smoking one cigarette a week’, if that makes sense. 

Martiny (£5)

We extremely voided the warranty on what our lawyers are insisting we call a ‘branded herb-based liqueur machine’ to make it pump out teeny tiny, ice-cold Beefeater martinis. 

House Cordials (£3..50/£7.50)

Our house cordials, available as a highball (with soda) or gimlet (with NA gin) – with Hay, Mango or Citrus cordials


Coming soon – from 9th May we have Snake Oil Barbecue in residence in our kitchen.

Sample Menu

Pimento Cheese, Sesame Crackers
Devilled Eggs, Mushroom XO
Pork Rinds, Beer Mustard
Skillet Cornbread, Nduja
½ Dzn Oysters all the way
3x Baked Bone Marrow Oysters
Grilled Padron Peppers, White Bean Spread
Crab Claws, Crab Butter
Old Bay Mussels

Mash & Gravy
Dilly Biscuits
Green Goddess Salad
Elote Corn on the Cob
Herby Buttermilk Slaw

Mustard Mopped Pork Steak
Whole Beef Short Rib
Jalapeno Cheese Sausage
3x Pieces Fried Chicken
Char Siu Lions Mane (VE)

Sugar Pie, Bourbon Cream

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