Fruity drinks, long brunches & satisfying bar meals

A neighbourhood cocktail bar and restaurant for Cliftonville, Margate.

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Walk-ins always welcome when possible but please free to make a booking if you know your plans. We require a £5/head deposit for all bookings of 8 and above.

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Cocktails & Food

Wednesday 6pm-10pm

Thursday 6pm – 10pm

Friday 5pm – midnight

Saturday 11am – midnight

Sunday 11am – 9pm

Food served till 9:30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Saturday 11am-3pm

Sunday 11am-3pm

Last food orders 2pm



Barley Sour (£10.50)

Listen, a weird thing has happened: turns out if you make a Tommy’s Margarita but with Chivas 12, it sort of tastes malty and wholesome like a really, really healthy breakfast cereal, or a good big sniff of a bag of grain. This drink is like going for a bracing walk on a windy day to clear your mind. This drink is like how you feel three weeks into a new diet. This drink is like getting your iron requirements for the day. This drink is health.

A Lychee Story (£10)

Hard to eat a lychee, day-to-day, because…well. I don’t want to say it on here but. They are very ‘testicular’, aren’t they? Anyway we’ve stomped them down into a refreshing, beachy little drink, so you don’t have to think about that again. Stop thinking about it! 

Champagne Daiquiri (£10) 

“Uh well actually champagne is made exclusively from the grapes of—” shut UP, nerd! We just made an acid base with the same flavour profile then added rum and made it fizzy! It’s better! Shut up!

The Darjeeling Limited (£11)

In ancient times, the first cocktails were developed when someone realised they could classy up a can of soft drink by smoothing it out with a splash of something with an ABV, and lo, the tradition continues:  Chupa Chups© Raspberry & Cream soda evened out with a dash of phosphoric acid and a healthy glug of Darjeeling tea infused El Gobernador.

That’s A Mole! (£10.50)

Mea culpa – on the last menu we had a drink that we said was great for fans of the spicy margarita. It wasn’t, we’re sorry. This one is.

James & The Giant Peach (£10) 

Look outside. It’s shit, isn’t it? Have this twist on a daiquiri and remember what summer felt like; Mount Gay rum, grilled peach syrup & lime – It feels like warm evenings & cold nights. It feels like sand in every fucking crevice of your body. But good.  

Take The Honey & Run (£10)

Look we’re waiting on the copy writer to have a go on this one before we can even begin to describe it but – a stirred down mix of pear juice, gin, mead and chestnut liqueur makes for a very tasty autumnal daisy.

Sage Against The Machine (£12) 

Takes an evil mind to create a cocktail this good: a twist on the classic white negroni, bred in a lab with Quiquiriqui mezcal, Bitter Bianco & white vermouth gently infused with fresh sage and pineapple skins, like a cocktail-shaped Frankenstein’s monster. A good Frankenstein’s monster, though. A monster that gets you pleasantly buzzed, and doesn’t murder all your mates and your fiancé. 

Pina Co-lager (£10.50) 

Koko Kanu, Pineapple, Lime and FLOC Warm Shade. Close your eyes and believe you’re on a beach. Try not to hum that song. It’s not called that. Read the name of the cocktail again. No. Stop humming it. No. 

PB & J Old Fashioned (£12) 

Honestly we need Joel Golby’s magic touch here too – but you know what you’re getting – peanut butter and strawberry jam infused Four Roses bourbon stirred down with bitters and served on a nice big rock.

HVT (£3.50 NA)

Sweet, sharp, crisp. No, we’re not describing a premium coleslaw. It’s a drink. Although: kind of in the mood for coleslaw now. Local honey with a splash of muscatel vinegar, cucumber ribbons and tonic. 

Tequila Con Verdita (£4 / 3 for £10)

Two shots: one a perfect, Whole Foods-style green drink, and then a single measure of good tequila. It’s very ‘Gwyneth Paltrow smoking one cigarette a week’, if that makes sense. 

Martiny (£5)

We extremely voided the warranty on what our lawyers are insisting we call a ‘branded herb-based liqueur machine’ to make it pump out teeny tiny, ice-cold Beefeater martinis. 

House Cordials (£3..50/£7.50)

Our house cordials, available as a highball (with soda) or gimlet (with NA gin) – with Hay, Mango or Citrus cordials

Bar Food

Nocarella Olives (VE/GF) £4
Salt & Pepper Almonds (VE/GF) £3

Bread & Butter  (V/VE) £4

Oast sourdough and butter or EVOO

Mexican black beans (V/GF) £6

Stewed spiced black beans topped with cheddar cheese and served with tortilla chips

Croquettes £7

Jamon Iberico or Mushroom

Tortilla Chips (VE/GF) £6

served with salsa verde, salsa rojo and guacamole



Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder with Orange, Cinnamon, Cumin, Garlic & Oregano

Beef Tinga

Beef Brisket Slow Cooked with Guajillo & Ancho Chillies, Chipotle, Tomato & Onion

Butternut Squash Pibil

Butternut Squash In Achiote & Garlic Sauce (VE)

Served as:

Tostada (GF) (£7) Fried Corn Tortilla topped with Your Choice + Guacamole, Lime Pickled onion, Salsas & Coriander

Tacos (GF)(£9) – 3 Corn Tortillas Loaded with Your Choice + Lime Pickled Onion, Salsa Verde, Coriander

Burrito (£13) – Large Wheat Tortilla Stuffed with your Choice + Mexican Rice, Cheddar, Black Beans, Guacamole, Lettuce, Coriander Cream, Salsa Verde

Churros (VE) (£6)

Churros with Cinnamon Sugar & Chocolate Sauce


Breakfast Burrito £10

Migas Scrambled Eggs (With onion & Tortilla Chips), Cheddar, Guacamole, Baby Spinach, Spiced Rice, Black Beans, Chipotle Salsa

+ Streaky Bacon £2

Chilaquiles (GF/V) £10

2 Fried Eggs on Tortilla Chips with Salsa Verde & Chipotle Salsa, Avocado, Queso Fresca & Coriander.

Latke Waffle (GF) £12 

Latke waffles with crispy fried egg and streaky bacon.

Feta & Avocado Waffle (VE/GF) £12

Poppyseed & Turmeric Waffle with avocado, vegan feta, mint, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses.

Buttermilk Oat Waffle (V) £12

Overnight oat waffle with greek yoghurt, honey, mint and fresh berries

Migas Taco (GF/V) £7

Migas Scrambled Eggs with cheese and home fries wrapped in a wheat tortilla with salsa verde

Churros (VE)  £7

Churros with Fresh Berries, Cinnamon Sugar & Chocolate Sauce

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