Fruity drinks, long brunches & satisfying bar meals

A neighbourhood cocktail bar and restaurant for Cliftonville, Margate.

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Cocktails & Food

Wednesday 6pm-10pm

Thursday 6pm – 10pm

Friday 6pm – midnight

Saturday 6pm – midnight

Sunday 6pm – 9pm

Food served till 10pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Saturday 10am-3pm

Sunday 10am-3pm

Sample Menus


Brandy Daisy (£9)

A classic Daisy style drink – French brandy mellowed out with peach liqueur and pomegranate syrup, all balanced with fresh lemon.

Tomato Cosmopolitan (£9.50)

Not your classic Cosmo – clarified cherry tomato replaces the cranberry for a super light and fresh drink that’s a million miles from a Bloody Mary.

Irish Martini (£9.50)

A little riff on the Studio 54 era French Martini – we’ve swapped vodka for Jameson Irish Whiskey and replaced Chambord with tart Honeysuckle berry juice, all balanced out with fresh pineapple.

Cherry Bomb (£10)

Four Roses Bourbon shaken up with lemon acid, Kentish cherry juice and Coca-Cola™ post-mix syrup for a saucy take on a jack & coke.  

Sergeant Pepper (£9.50)

A savoury take on the Tommy’s Margarita, with Red Bell Pepper juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Agave syrup and, of course, a healthy double of El Jimador Reposado Tequila.

Pisco Inferno (£10.50)

El Gobernador Pisco shaken up with lemon, lime and geranium syrup for a delicately bitter and floral sour.

Rye Can’t We Be Friends (£10)

We’ve twisted the Naked & Famous NYC classic for this serve – rye whiskey joins yellow chartreuse, aperol and our house acid blend for a layered sipper.

Ant Acid (£9.50)

Absolut Vodka is the neutral base here with a splash of fig leaf liqueur and a meadowsweet cordial made with formic acid for a perfect woody acidity and petrichor aromatics.

Blue Raspberry Aviation (£10)

We bump up the fruitiness in this aviation twist with a dash of blue raspberry slushy syrup, violet, lemon and Beefeater gin.

Monthly Old Fashioned (£10.50)

Our seasonal twist on the classic old fashioned – this month it’s reposado Sotol with a pear syrup and Peychaud bitters.

Bitter Bounty (£9.50)

One for the Negroni heads; we swap the gin for coconut rum for a trashy seaside take on the Italian classic. And it’s better.

Teaches of Peaches (£6 Low ABV)

Rinquinquin Peach wine & Lustau Dry Sherry vermouth with tonic – a super dry long summer cooler.

Tequila Con Verdita (£4 / 3 for £10)

The house shot – Olmeca Altos tequila with a delicious green juice chaser (pineapple, cucumber, coriander, lime & jalapeño)

Martiny (£5)

We extremely voided the warranty on what our lawyers are insisting we call a ‘branded herb-based liqueur machine’ to make it pump out teeny tiny, ice-cold Beefeater martinis. 

Hay Daisy (£8, 0%)

Our house hay cordial shaken up with Ceder’s Classic and Three Spirits Livener for an energy boost and tannic berry flavours

Long No-groni (£8, 0%)

Martini Vibrante Aperitif with Square Root Citrus Crush

Hay Shampagne (£3.50, 0%)

Our house hay cordial served long with soda.

Bar Food

Marinated Olives (VE/GF) £3
Smoked Almonds (VE/GF) £3
Cheddar & Poppyseed Scrolls (V) £3.50

Potato Flatbread  (V/GF) £6

With red pepper & roasted garlic hummus, pickles

Padron Peppers (VE/GF) £6

With ezme sauce

Deep Fried Baby Bels (V) £6

With pizza sauce

Curly Fries (V) £5 

With all purpose seasoning, gochujang mayo

Muttar Paneer Samosas (V) £7 

With tamarind and coriander chutney

Coconut & Lemongrass Chicken Thigh £8.50

With Peanut sauce & Cucumber salad

Big Apple Hot Dog (beef, pork or veggie) £8.50

With curry ketchup + spicy cheese sauce, crispy onion and jalapeno

Cacio e Pepe (V) £10

House Made tagliatelle, pink/black peppercorn, pan grattata

BARB Chocolate Brownie £7

With raspberry ripple ice cream

Deep fried Custard £7

With seasonal fruit


Golden Horn £15 (sharer) / £10.50 (single)

Sucuk or Halloumi, simit, potato-feta-spinach gozleme, boiled egg with garlic and chilli yoghurt, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, honey

Çılbır (Turkish Eggs) £9

Boiled eggs with garlic & chilli yoghurt, sourdough toast

Beany Baby £9

Harissa stewed butter beans, sourdough toast, dukkah 

Bombay Bad Boi £9

Masala omelette, sourdough toast, kachumber 

Banana Bedlam £7

Brown butter banana bread fried in butter with nutmeg cream, almond shard 

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